Blog Trip: Luxembourg-city + thematic day, 1 night, 2 days

Visit of the city center and the old town with some highlights and unaccompanied thematic visit on the second day

Visit of the city center and the old town with some highlights: City center, Grand-Ducal Palace, the Old town mentioned on the list of the UNESCO World heritage. Included is also a coffee break at the Chocolate house, a very cosy place with a view on the Palace, a tour of the „Wenzel Walk“ offering panoramic views on the remaining of the fortress and its ramparts and a visit of the underground casemates.


Choice between different themes for the second day (unaccompanied):

- Unesco World heritage

- Sports and leisure

- Family and Kids activities

- Regional products & wines

- Military heritage

- Culture, Archtecture & exhibitions

- Castles

Van 13 september 2014 tot 14 september 2014
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