100 % Culture and UNESCO World heritage

This blog trip is aimed to showcase Luxembourg’s extremely diverse cultural offer and two of the three sites which are part of the UNESCO world heritage list.

Start your weekend trip by travelling through time and different architectural styles while you explore the capital’s old city and fortress, located around the “Bock rock”. Famous architects such as Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban developed the fortification to such an extent that it was referred to as the Gibraltar of the North. Additionally the culture and art scene in Luxembourg let your heart beat faster. May it be due to the numerous castles and fortifications or for the outstanding museums, exhibitions and concerts throughout the year. During this trip you will be able to enjoy the finest arts and cultural happenings.

Driving up north, to the castle of Clervaux, will enable you to discover the famous photo collection “Family of Man” curated by Edward Steichen and part of Unesco’s world documentary heritage.  The exhibition consists of 503 pictures highlighting aspects and parts of human life. The aim is to spread an important message: the unity of the people.

During this 3-Day trip you will stay at a beautiful and comfortable city hotel.

Some activities are optional which gives you the freedom to discover and experience what you and your readers want to know in addition.

This Blog trip welcomes travel bloggers from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, United States and the United Kingdom.


Please send your application until April 4th to

From 13 May 2016 To 15 May 2016
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