Art & Culture 23 September 2016

Unexpected deluxe delights - Southern Daily Echo

HISTORY, culture and stunning scenery. For a tiny country, Luxembourg certainly packs a whopping great big punch. I was to enjoy a two-night whistle-stop tour of the highlights of the Grand Duchy, best known as a tax haven and centre for big business. By the end of the weekend, I had lost my heart to the country... > Read more

Sport & Leisure 23 September 2016

Exploring the Grand Duchy - Group Leisure

Measuring just 51 miles in length and 35 miles in width, Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world. In fact, there are only 15 others smaller than it. Don’t be misled by its Lilliput stature, though, because the country is more Goliath than David when it comes to almost everything else. Group Leisure > Read more

Art & Culture 23 September 2016

Ancient Charm - Profile Magazine

Small but perfectly formed, Luxembourg is tucked away in the heart of Europe as one of the continent’s best-kept secrets. The Grand Duchy, to give the country its proper title, shares borders with France, Belgium and Germany. Yet it is distinctly different from all three. Profile Magazine > Read more

Art & Culture 20 April 2016

Luxembourg is a city with a mixture of ancient fortress

Luxembourg is a city with a mixture of ancient fortresses and cutting-edge architecture. I may be a city of high finance but Luxembourg's historic heart succeeded in converting Colette Sheridan. Colette Sheridan Irish Examiner online > Read more

Art & Culture 20 April 2016

Snall treasure

Eoghan Corry visits Luxembourg, the size of Limerick only with better wine ... Eoghan Corry Travel Extra   > Read more

Art & Culture 20 April 2016

The allure of Luxembourg

At the heart of Europe lies one of the most underrated cities for an idyllic weekend break. Boasting Europe’s only openly-gay prime minister and a cosmopolitan population, this city also offers winding medieval streets, stately museums and award-winning dining. All in a... > Read more

Nature & Tours 15 October 2015

Tales of the unexpected

Why the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg off ers more than its size suggests The literature from the tourist board invited me to ‘discover the unexpected Luxembourg’. True enough, for it was difficult to know what awaited in this tiny country the heart of Europe. Andrew Foley The... > Read more

Sport & Leisure 15 October 2015

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - Grand Cycling

Two Dutchmen and a cycling advocate went cycling in Luxembourg; Stephen Dyster tagged along. Stephen Dyster Seven Day Cyclist > Read more

Sport & Leisure 15 October 2015

A country full of surprises

A country full of surprises - Luxembourg is far from flat NEIL MACDONALD Evening Express > Read more

Nature & Tours 04 May 2015

Mullerthal and Moselle

by Natasha Blair Just About Travel > Read more

Art & Culture 04 May 2015

Visitors find Luxembourg packs a lot into a tiny package

Medieval castles, World War II memorials, monuments to history abound by Norma Meyer The San Diego Union-Tribune > Read more

Going out 16 January 2015

City Break Luxembourg

Luxembourg City proves that size doesn’t matter - the Grand Duchy’s capital is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with world class shopping, culture and night life. The Mayfair Magazine > Read more

Sport & Leisure 15 January 2015

Luxembourg - a small country with big contrasts

With flights starting from less than €150 and almost all of the country less than a 90-minute bus journey from the capital, it’s no surprise that Luxembourg is emerging as a prime destination for Irish travellers on the lookout for a short break with a difference. Limerick Post news editor Gerry Collison sampled the... > Read more

Eat & Sleep 22 August 2014

Go to Luxembourg and discover your inner Bourgeois by Steven O’Brien

Luxembourg City lies in the broken jaws of a giant dragon. These are the Marquis de Vauban’s great ramparts and buttresses. Perched above deep gorges the citadel is girded with miles of saw- toothed stone, impregnable and massive. Eighteenth Century cannon could not breach the walls of this Gibraltar of the North. Yet... > Read more

Art & Culture 09 July 2014

Luxembourg: more than the EU

Luxembourg is one of those places that I knew about because of its association with the European Union, but had never visited. The country is landlocked bordering onto Belgium, France, and Germany. An hour’s flying time from Gatwick, the airport is small, and only costs €2 to take the bus into the capital. By the... > Read more