Is it true what they say about ... Luxembourg?

Luxembourg city

Published on 04/04/2014

HOT CITY - COOL COUNTRY. LUXEMBOURG, YOUR HOLIDAY DESTINATION Impressive nature, rich diverse culture, outstanding cuisine, superb outdoor activities, and a bustling nightlife, are but a few reasons why Luxembourg is such an attractive tourist destination. Discover a unique and surprising country which offers visitors a fascinating mixture of history and modernity, urban landscapes and nature, activity and relaxation. Check out this video clip to get a first taste of the many astonishing facets the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has to offer. Project partners: Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Tourism, Luxembourg for Business, Luxembourg for Finance, Chamber of Commerce, City of Luxembourg, City of Esch, Promotion Committee for Luxembourg Wines & Crémants, Information and Press Service of the Luxembourg Government, in cooperation with Broadcasting Center Europe. Source: