Ramborn Cider Haff

Ramborn Cider Haff: a new cider farm with a purpose-built visitor centre.

Situated in the village of Born, the Ramborn Cider Haff is the region’s first cider farm with a dedicated multimedia visitor centre. Ramborn Cider Co. uses their new home to gather and press all their apples and pears, as well as carry out fermentations on site to create fine batches of cider and perry featuring the region’s unique mix of apple and pear varieties. Visitors are immersed in the universe of cider, as they take a guided tour of the new facilities, experience a multimedia show and have the chance to taste Ramborn’s award-winning range of ciders. The shop suggests exclusive and limited edition Ramborn ciders, as well as rotating guest ciders from around the world.

State-of-the-art facilities in ancient setting

The farm itself was originally built in 175, and was first used as a farm, cidery and distillery. The refurbishment, designed by architect Vlado Zloic, has injected new life into the building without compromising the charm of the original farmhouse. The farm sits on the edge of traditional orchards, including over 100 ancient varieties of fruit trees. Ramborn planted hundreds of trees of nearly forgotten apple and pear varieties in the last year alone, with farmers joining in from around Luxembourg.

The farm and shop is open to the public from Wednesday to Saturday between 2pm and 6pm, and by appointment.

Publication date
20 June 2017
Luxembourg for Tourism
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