Tourism charm campaign in Japan

For the occasion of the JATA Tourism EXPO Japan taking place from 20 to 23 September in Tokyo, Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT) is organising, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy - Directorate General of Tourism and the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office of Tokyo, a series of promotional events for travel professionals, the media and the general public.

Aiming to promote Luxembourg as a destination to Japanese clientele, meetings and workshops with the most important Japanese tour operators and travel agents are planned. To strengthen the nation’s brand reputation and image, specific actions are scheduled with the media during the professional days and through individual press briefings with journalists.

If Luxembourg is a destination still too little known in Japan, the country has many real assets to attract tourists from the land of the rising sun. The Japanese are primarily interested in the historical and natural heritage of a country, before heading towards shopping and gastronomy. Known for their finesse and discretion, they attach great importance to the quality of service, hospitality, cleanliness and safety. It is in these niches in particular that Luxembourg can make a difference and position itself as a destination where quality of life is a natural part of everyday life.

On the Luxembourg stand in Tokyo, visitors can find Sakura Voyages, a tour operator based in Luxembourg, as well as the Château d'Urspelt. Owners and hoteliers Diana and Yannick Ruth-Loudomez have been approaching Japanese clientele for three years: "We have an offer that resolutely meets the interests of the Japanese. People from Japan are very attentive to the little extras that make the difference to the level of service. Upon arrival at the castle, they are greeted by a small Japanese robot, for example. When Japanese guests discover the castle and its lush greenery on the heights of the Ardennes, when they taste our outstanding gastronomy, and when they realise that they can visit the beauty of the region in all serenity, we see them smiling and satisfied."

As for Yasuyo Koga of Sakura Voyages, she is of Japanese origin and is specialised in this market. For her, it is Luxembourg’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the way it fits in with modernity, which constitutes a compelling argument for attracting her compatriots.

In 2017, there were 6673 visitors from Japan, which counted for 10,531 overnight stays across the hotel industry (source: Statec).

Publication date
19 September 2018
Luxembourg for Tourism
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