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A spring breeze has conjured the first tender buds on trees and bushes and the first trees are already blooming along the banks of the Alzette. The river flows past the Grund, a quarter of Luxembourg City located beneath the Bock cliff. You’ll find the Wenzel Trail, one of several city hiking trails, running parallel to the river through the lush capital of the Grand Duchy. Luxembourg is especially appealing in the spring sunshine, which bathes the crags of the Old Town plateau in light and beckons strollers to enjoy promenades along the river.

Once the initial astonishment has passed – ‘Hiking through the city centre?’ – you’ll soon discover that the Éislek, Moselle and Mullerthal regions don’t have a monopoly on the best hiking conditions and spectacular landscapes; the city also has a great deal to offer.

The Mullerthal Trail is usually the first taken by newcomers. It is stunning and is sure to whet your appetite for the hiking paradise that is Luxembourg. On this trail, hikers can explore almost 112 km of fairy-tale landscapes, complete with rocky tors and unspoilt nature. The Mullerthal Trail is the deserving recipient of the Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe certificate.

So are the Lee Trail and Éislek Trail, which together form the Escapardenne and lead to the most beautiful locations in the Éislek (Luxembourgish Ardennes), where the river valleys offer an almost Alpine hiking experience leading through steep, sloping forests and along natural trails and mountain paths.

Those who prefer shorter trails, but don’t want to miss out on all the nature, landscape diversity, cultural highlights and great hospitality Luxembourg has to offer can enjoy a network of over 6,000 km of the country’s best maintained and signposted hiking trails. We especially recommend the Autopedestre and the CFL Walks, as they can be reached by public transport or follow a circular route that leads back to the start. Along the way, you’ll discover a myriad of services designed to make life easier for hikers, including luggage transport from hotel to hotel, guided tours, and more.

The three Traumschleifen routes are especially well-suited to families. They are premium circular trails along the Moselle River – and it’s impossible to miss the keen attention to detail in their design. On hot summer days, for instance, the Traumschleife in Ahn provides welcome refreshment as it passes directly through the pint-sized Donwerbach stream.

Back along the Alzette River, the trail leads past the Bock Casemates, seven museums and large parts of the fortifications. Like the Old Town, they are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are well worth a visit, especially if you have a Luxembourg Card, which gives you free use of the Grand Duchy’s local public transport network and access to more than 60 museums and other attractions free of charge.

Just a little further along the river and you’ll have reached the Old Town, meaning nothing more can stand in the way of enjoying a coffee in one of the city’s many terrace cafes.

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28 March 2018
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