Luxembourg Science Center: from theory to practice

Experience extraordinary scientific phenomena and find out how things work through interesting, accessible exhibits. This is what the Luxembourg Science Center (LSC) in Differdange is about. It features around sixty “experimental stations”, as well as shows given by scientists. With more than 3,000m2 of exhibition space, the LSC will make it fun to learn how science and technology shapes our lives.  

Hands-on experience is the best way to understand and learn, and around 65 staff are on the spot to bring electronics and robotics to life. The world’s largest internal combustion engine - the “Groussgasmaschinn” - is one of the main attractions. It was built for the ArcelorMittal steel plant which used to operate from the location now used by the LSC. Other unique attractions include robotic table football and an oven which can fuse steel in less than a minute.

You’ll be amazed to find out how a Faraday cage can protect you from a potentially lethal electric shock. Inside this aluminium construction secured to the ground, you will feel nothing but excitement as the electricity arcs around you. It feels like magic as the electrical field is repelled.

We are all keen to eat healthily, but how many of us understand how the body processes fruit, vegetables and meat? At the Science Center you will be intrigued and surprised by the complex ingenuity of how our bodies perform vital digestive functions.

Gravity, circular motion, and the properties of materials are demonstrated with experiments that stimulate and excite. It is fascinating to witness the power and technical detail of different motors (diesel, Lenoir gas, four-stroke, aircraft engines…).

Equally amazing is the process by which liquids become gases or solids at different temperatures. Visitors also get to experience how materials react at high and low (sometimes very low) pressure. Learn through playing, as you discover the properties of wood, metal, plastics, and ceramics as they take different forms and are put to practical use. You will discover the hidden character of materials we normally see as lifeless.

Free entrance to the LSC with the Luxembourg Card 2018.

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22 January 2018
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