The new Luxembourg Card mobile app is the quick way to get money off your visits to the country’s attractions. You can buy the digital Luxembourg Card for one person or groups, and this gives you either free or reduced-price entry to more than 60 locations and museums. It also gives free access to public transport. Find below a few ideas to explore with the pass. More info.

Dive into the wild

Luxembourg’s lush and varied landscapes are a true call from the wild and provide a beautiful playground for nature lovers of all kinds. A perfect place to unfold your wings and unleash your stocked-up energy, the Grand-Duchy has one of the densest certified hiking networks in Europe, 600 km of cycle paths and an additional 33 mountain bike tracks. All laid out in a breath-taking setting, with valleys, forests, rock formations, rivers, castles and waterfalls. No matter what your level is, whether you’re with family or friends – here, you’ll find the challenge and the unforgettable experience you’re looking for. More info.

The good things in life

Life is too short to drink bad wine and to eat without pleasure – and you’ll do neither in Luxembourg! Celts, Gauls and Romans have all cultivated vines in the valley of the Moselle River and the know-how has been handed down and improved successfully over the centuries. The Grand Duchy’s renowned crémant (made according to the traditional Champagne method) continuously wins awards in international competitions (Luxembourg is the only country outside France entitled to use the term "crémant") and its wines naturally follow suit. To enjoy all this bottled poetry, why not accompany it with an outstanding meal: Next to a plethora of eateries and suiting all tastes and budgets, Luxembourg has no less than 11 Michelin-starred restaurants. More info.

The family experience

Luxembourg is fond of children, which is why there’s a wide range of activities designed to make them happy in every corner of the country. You’ll find safe and greatly equipped playgrounds and fun workshops in the museums, but there are also exciting climbing parks to play in, mine shafts and old fortifications to explore and great leisure parks and gardens where kids can run free and feed animals. If you’re looking for something more unusual, why not plan a trip to the Vianden chairlifts, the historical steam train in Differdange or the solar-powered boat service in Insenborn? There are loads of adventures to be had and memories to be made in Luxembourg, not matter how old you are! More info.


With its more than 50 castles, Luxembourg is somewhat of a fairyland destination. Restored to their former beauty, the castles are a mesmerising way to revisit the Grand Duchy’s heritage and its beautiful landscapes at the same time. In the North, you’ll find the Vianden Castle, one of Europe’s most valued historic fortifications. The Beaufort Castle in the Mullerthal region, the Clervaux castle hosting the world-renowned "Family of Man" exhibition and the UNESCO World Heritage fortifications in the capital are but a few more of the many must-see remnants of Luxembourg's illustrious past. After all, it is only here that you'll find a valley named after 7 castles at the same time! More info.

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